Host An Event

If your organization or group is interested in hosting an event to benefit InterAct, please read the following guidelines before completing and submitting an Event Registration Form to InterAct.

Event Guidelines

Promotion and Logo Use

Please note that our name is InterAct (always use upper case “A”) – not InterAct of Wake County.

Always use the following language as a boilerplate when describing InterAct: Dedicated to ending the cycle of domestic and sexual violence in Wake County, InterAct saves lives, rebuilds lives, and secures safer futures for victims and survivors and their families.

If requested, InterAct will provide its logo upon approval of the event. Please only use the logo provided.

In naming the event or promotion, InterAct must not be used in the title, but should be listed as the beneficiary of the event. For example, organizers may not refer to the event as the “InterAct 5K Race” but it could be promoted as “A 5K Race in support of InterAct.”

InterAct may promote the event, where appropriate, through social media.


InterAct cannot solicit or secure sponsors for your fundraising event and does not provide any donor contact information. InterAct is also unable to provide financial support/sponsorship for your event.

Additionally, unless coming directly to InterAct, our tax determination status cannot be used to solicit monetary donations, sponsorships, or in-kind items (i.e. silent auction).

Financial Guidelines

Your organization is responsible for paying all expenses related to your event. Any promotion that donates a portion of its sales or in-kind donations must state clearly how much, in percentage or dollar amounts, will go to InterAct.

InterAct does not approve individuals soliciting funds door-to-door or by telemarketing.

All checks should be payable to InterAct and sent to InterAct within 30 days of the event.

InterAct – 1012 Oberlin Road, Suite 100 – Raleigh, NC 27605

Cancellation, Liability, Changes

InterAct endorses fundraising events that respect the positive image or our organization and complement our mission. We reserve the right to deny or withdraw approval of an event if there are serious concerns about the impact on our organization’s image.

By submitting your fundraising idea, you agree to assume all risks and liabilities associated with the proposal and hereby release and hold harmless InterAct, its officers, directors, and employees and against any and all claims, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses, arising out of or that may occur in conjunction with the proposal. By receiving information on your fundraising idea, InterAct is not obligated to enter in a fundraising event with your organization.

You must advise InterAct of any changes in your fundraising event. If circumstances warrant, InterAct reserves the right at any time to ask you to cancel a fundraising event or remove our name from your event. If an event is cancelled you agree to release InterAct from any liability in connection with such action.

InterAct Event Registration Form