Are You Being Abused?

Does your partner, boyfriend or girlfriend, care giver, or a family member:

  • Make you feel uncomfortable or afraid?
  • Often put you down, humiliate you, or make you feel worthless?
  • Constantly check up on what you’re doing or where you are going?
  • Try to stop you from seeing your own friends or family?
  • Make you feel afraid to disagree or say ‘no’ to them?
  • Tell you how the household finances should be spent, or stop you from having any money for yourself?
  • Scare or hurt you by being violent (like hitting, choking, smashing things, locking you in, driving dangerously to frighten you)
  • Pressure or force you to do sexual things that you don’t want to do?
  • Threaten to hurt you, or to kill themselves if you say you want to end the relationship?
  • Have your children heard or seen these things or been hurt themselves?

If any of these statements are true about your relationship, InterAct can help.