Volunteering Frequently Asked Questions

I want to volunteer, what’s next?

In order to apply for an Individual Program Volunteer position, review the available job descriptions. If the role you are interested in is currently listed and then email volunteer@interactofwake.org providing information about your interest. After connecting with the Volunteer Coordinator, the application and other paperwork will be provided with instructions.

If you want to volunteer as a group and don’t see something that fits with your group, or you have a special area of expertise or are looking for individual opportunities that are not as structured as the Program Volunteer roles, please email volunteer@interactofwake.org with your questions.

What kinds of things can volunteers do?

We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities that include working directly with the individuals and families we serve, going out into the community or helping with special events. If individuals or groups have a specific service they would like to provide, please email for more information – volunteer@interactofwake.org.

What volunteer opportunities do you have for groups?

Group volunteer opportunities are organized on an “as needed” basis and vary depending on the season and availability. Most of our group and corporate volunteer opportunities are best suited for smaller groups of 5-8 volunteers. Our Awareness Campaign Poster Distribution opportunity will be available throughout 2023-24 and can be completed on a groups own timetable. This opportunity is also available for individuals.

How old do I have to be to volunteer?

InterAct provides volunteer opportunities for individuals 14 years of age and up. Age Requirements for specific Program Volunteer roles  are listed in each specific job description.

Are there evening and weekend volunteer opportunities?

Yes, we have daytime, evening, overnight, and weekend opportunities. See specific Program Volunteer Job Descriptions for more information.

Most Group Volunteer opportunities are during normal business hours on weekdays.

What is the 20-hour Core Training program?

This is a mandatory training program that every InterAct employee and Program Volunteer must attend to work directly with clients or in the community as a presenter. The training is facilitated by InterAct staff and community guests. Basic training sessions will be virtual and cover the following topics:

  • Domestic Violence 101
  • Effects of Domestic Violence on Children
  • Rape/Sexual Assault 101
  • Client Diversity/Cultural Competence
  • Legal Topics

How often is the 20-hour Core Training program held?

The Basic Core Training is done individually and at the volunteer’s pace. The Basic Core Training must be completed before shadowing or in-person training for program areas is scheduled.

Do I need to have any volunteer experience?

We don’t require that someone has volunteer experience. That being said, we do look for volunteers who have a basic understanding of domestic and sexual violence, why these issues occur, and how to best support survivors.

Do you perform a background check on volunteers?

Yes, a background check is required on all volunteers older than 16 years of age. This is to ensure the safety of all our volunteers, as well as our staff and guests. Thank you for your cooperation.

Do you have a question you didn’t see answered here? Contact us at volunteer@interactofwake.org and we will be happy to answer all your questions.