Youth Education Services

InterAct has a stake firmly in the ground to prevent domestic and sexual violence in our community. InterAct’s Youth Education Services (YES) Program is specifically designed to reach out to children and youth to help them learn what it means to be in healthy relationships.

Through a strategic curriculum, versatile activities, trained facilitators, and a focus on empowering and engaging students, the YES Program effectively helps children build self-esteem, prevent dating violence before it ever starts, and stop the cycle of violence in their own lives.


Elementary School Topics

Loving Yourself, Valuing Others

Safe at Home

Don’t Lose Control!

Fair Play

Good Touch/Bad Touch

Positive Connections


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Middle School Topics

Loving Yourself, Valuing Others

Teen Dating Violence

Don’t Lose Control!

Sensitivity and Sexual Harassment

Resisting Peer Pressure


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High School Topics

Teen Dating Violence

Sexual Harassment and Stalking

Healthy Relationships

Loving Yourself, Valuing Others



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