Court Advocacy and Electronic Filing of Domestic Violence Protective Orders

Court Advocacy

InterAct’s court advocates assist victims with protective orders, explain court paperwork and the legal process, assist with referrals to legal resources, and help provide criminal histories of defendants to maximize protection of victims and their children. InterAct court advocates do not provide legal advice. To speak with an InterAct court advocate and receive information and support regarding legal proceedings, contact InterAct’s crisis lines at 919-828-7740.

Electronic Filing For Domestic Violence Protective Orders

***PLEASE NOTE: Walk-in Electronic Filing of Domestic Violence Protection Orders at InterAct’s Office on Oberlin Road has been temporarily suspended.

If you are seeking a Domestic Violence Protection Order, please contact the InterAct’s 24/hour crisis line at 919-828-7740 to receive support and information about Domestic Violence Protection Order filing options and other legal resources.

The Wake County Courthouse continues to accept Domestic Violence Protection Order filings Monday-Friday***

Victims of domestic violence are now able to electronically file a Domestic Violence Protective Order Application at InterAct’s Family Safety and Empowerment Center.  Victims can complete and file an order of protection and have the case heard before a judge via video-conference – all at InterAct.

Electronic filing for domestic violence protective orders offers victims a safe and confidential environment outside of the courthouse to file for a protective order with the assistance of a trained advocate. Offering this option at InterAct provides victims the opportunity to have immediate access to the full continuum of InterAct’s other services such as counseling, safety planning, shelter, legal referrals, case management, and meeting basic needs.

InterAct’s Domestic Violence Protective Order packet