Emergency Shelter and Rapid Re-Housing


InterAct’s Emergency Shelter provides a safe and supportive environment where victims and their families can rebuild their lives. Through providing emergency shelter and comprehensive case management services, the Emergency Shelter is designed to ensure that domestic violence victims have the resources and support to meet their basic needs and to establish safe and stable home environments free from abuse and violence.

Within the 24-hour counselor-staffed Emergency Shelter, individuals and families stay up to 90 days and receive support for their basic needs, individual and group counseling, and case management services. Through the many collaborations and programs spear-headed by InterAct, clients have access to job readiness and skill/interest assessments, job counseling, job training, education services, health and wellness education, financial education/counseling, case management, and referrals for services such as housing, transportation, and childcare.

For children staying in our emergency shelter program, InterAct’s specialized children’s counselors work with them to share their feelings of fear, anger, and confusion and to learn how to identify abuse and stay safe.  Counseling throughout InterAct’s Emergency Shelter program plays an especially important role for children as it ultimately helps to decrease the damaging effects of witnessing violence in the home.


What is the Rapid Re-Housing Program at InterAct?

InterAct’s rapid re-housing program (RRH) offers short to medium-term rental assistance and other housing services. The aim is to aid survivors of domestic and sexual violence in obtaining long-term permanent housing, increase their self-sufficiency, and help them maintain housing. The resources and services provided by InterAct are tailored to the needs of the survivor and their family. The core components of rapid re-housing rental assistance include housing identification, rent and move-in assistance, and rapid re-housing case management and services.